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Product Range

Our range of stainless steel products that are supplied to international clients, are categorised as follows:

Wine Filtration Tank
Dairy Pasteurising tanks, Milk Silos, Starter Tanks, Yeast Tanks, Splitter Panels, CIP tanks, Cheese Vats
Wine Storage Tanks, Fermenting Tanks, Stabilising Tanks, Farm Grape Bins, Off-loading Bins, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Manholes, Pressure Vessels, Filters, Mixers
Poultry Spin Chillers, Giblet Pumps, Giblet Chillers, Giblet Trays, Pacing Tables, Drip & Sorting Tables, E.V. Conveyors, De watering Screens, Water Treatment Plants.
Chemical Pressure Vessels, Mixing Tanks, Conveyors, Heat Exchangers.
General Engineering Chimney Stacks, Waste Heat Recovery, Water Treatment, Mixers, Heating / Cooling Coils, Plate Heat Exchangers, Road Tankers, Crate Washers.


Should you require more specific information on ny of the above items, please forward your request through our on-line form.